Health, working safety, and environment benign are our top priorities.

Our innovative methods and technologies show high performance, ensure safe work for people, and cause no pollution to ground, air, or water.

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Working safety

We work on a risk-oriented basis and are making our best to be safe and environment friendly by

  • improving management systems that comply with international quality standards;
  • monitoring field work and all other operations;
  • upgrading skills and encouraging responsibility of our people;
  • being absolutely intolerant to alcohol and drugs.

Environment benign

  • EM surveys are 100% green
  • Our equipment does not disturb any part of the environment 


We contribute to progress and prosperity of the Irkutsk region and Russia as a whole by promoting domestic manufacturing and assisting our clients in exploration and development of mineral deposits and oil/gas fields in and outside Russia.

In collaboration with academic institutions and R&D centers, we work to perfect exploration methods and technologies